Build Team

2023 Build Challenge

Our 2022-2023 Build Team has just started the construction phase of the project, RENU Home. RENU Home aims to serve as an economical example for the development of affordable net-zero housing in suburban and rural areas. Thanks to corporate partnerships and grants, we are able to work with a general contractor to make this home a reality. 

Project Team Leadership

Luke Somerville

2022 - 2023 Project Manager

Christine Chung

2022 - 2023 Design Engineer

Niha Zahrah

Architecture Lead

Saurav Subhash


Jason Zou


Michael Harbut

CM Lead

Mika Lew

PV&E Lead

Marcus Benoff

Landscape Lead

Finn Wolfe

Water Lead


Ben Manaugh

Will Allen

Jaymie Cellitti

Jason Terwilliger

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Kevin Sony

Lighting, applications, & Home Automation (LAHA)

Bipin Ghimire

Construction Management (CM)

Carson Jess

Nathira Jezeefa Kamaludeen

Vinothni Narayan

Collin Sorge

Panagiotis Vassilakos

Kevin Sony

Photovoltaics & ELectrical (PV&E)

Mika Lew

Veeresh Chitradurga Gangadhara

Eduardo Santacruz Romero

Arannya Roy


Mickey Castagador

Etienne Sirois

Brian Duong


Hannah Rockwell

Christopher Eng

Piotr Jankowski

App Development

Lisa Liu

Lathika Potnuru