ADAPTHAUS Won 4th in the national solar decathlon competition!!


The goal of ADAPTHAUS is not only to design and construct a “Net-Zero” home at a price that is economically feasible in Champaign, IL, but to create a design that can be used nationally for its environmental sustainability and construction simplicity. ADAPTHAUS, staying true to its name, solves this problem through dynamic and flexible solutions for its clientele. The team’s design optimizes the home’s performance, fits in with the surrounding neighborhood, remains energy efficient, and is still affordable. It is a modular design concept consisting of two – 600 square foot modules, totaling 1200 square foot. ADAPTHAUS is a net positive PV system comprising 24 Mission Solar MSE320SR8T modules, each with a nominal power output of 320W for an overall system size of 7.6 kW.

The system is divided into two arrays with connections to a grid-tied SolarEdge inverter and an Outback Skybox hybrid inverter. To track energy generation from the solar panels as well as the energy consumption of individual components of the home, ADAPTHAUS utilizes the Sense Solar Energy Monitor. The water system was designed with efficiency, resilience, and conservation in mind resulting in a 29% water reduction compared to the EPA baseline. The outdoor landscape includes rainwater collection and a proposed greywater system ready to be used if passed by city code. Our HVAC system includes the CERV2, an energy recovery ventilator designed by UIUC MechSE alumni. To improve energy efficiency and accessibility of the house, ADAPTHAUS contains EnergyStar certified and ADA-compliant appliances.

Photos of the House

Photos from the Inaguration event

Check out some posters of the main systems of the house!