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Build Solar inc.

Build Solar Inc. is a non profit organization founded in 2022 by Illinois Solar Decathlon's current President, Halie Collins. Build Solar's goal is to bridge the energy inequality gap that is present internationally.

Build Solar is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that addresses energy inequality by deploying resilient and sustainable energy projects to support healthcare facilities, schools, and other critical infrastructure in emerging economies. Build Solar was started by a group of University of Illinois students to design, build, and finance a net-zero energy solar-powered home, named RENU-Home, for the US Department of Energy 2023 Solar Decathlon Build Challenge and, post-competition, for Habitat for Humanity.

The board of Build Solar is made up of UIUC Alumni and members of Illinois Solar Decathlon. With the help of Build Solar, Illinois Solar Decathlon was able to sign a contract with Nelson Builders and finance the construction of the home.